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captioned by the national captioning institute >> welcome to the journal. >> here's what's coming up in the next half hour. one week away from bankruptcy. they did that greece has made progress. >> the german chancellor putting praise on portugal for their austerity lefferts but does not get a warm welcome during her visit. >> taylor swift sweeping the european mtv awards and psy takes home a prize. >> the international creditors
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were set to give a greece or time to meet the debt reduction projects. they suggested giving a two-year extension but it will let some other media problems. >> european a finance ministers as they could not expect their next tranche unsold late discuss it. they could be facing bankruptcy by the end of the week. >> he said the tone of the troicha's report was positive. they want to look at whether are enough has been done in. >> we have to be faro. before a decision is made, we have to debate the issue. why are on schedule and we know what our responsibilities are
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but we must get to the rules. >> some questions remain unanswered. for example, how to close the gap and they're given extra time to the house in order. moscovici is pushing for a fast resolution of. >> we need to try to move on towards a political agreement. greece deserves that. the greek people deserve that. they made tremendous efforts. >> they want parliament to pass another painful round of cuts and reforms. >> the greek government says it could happen as early as this friday. >> of portugal, and german and
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shiller -- german chancellor merkel says the portuguese austerity measures have been painful but that it will lead to a better future. there will not need to renegotiate the terms of their current program but most citizens were not welcoming her with open arms. portuguese protesters had a clear message for the german chancellor. the crowd clearly blaming her for their rhetoric -- their misery. the chancellor adopted aconfron. at p cre she sang in the praismi r co the prospects have a tads a portugueseal heitopthmct
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governments has reached new hehe t than merkel's ur a reasonable.they' d "she is jcalling on the fur witg povert sawth pougseusri meare e torspondence ch d eadod tonvinc >>he sd e ihe tsee
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gn thtr's rgt lroce byhendf e ca. ilnd naturagas as ll asisg er e will allow the u.s. to becomesue year 200035.
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se-- 2035. >>orgn imports are 3 accordin theae by 2017, ori aria ne mho f erain oil and a shell sesvewi beesnsleorhe rnou. -- oil a gre poib. energy is in mndtrl tis llal sghy. it i aifre sryn eae cles wl meand the m sharply over the xtece. the international agency -- energeyelvemail be spped to asia in theute
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dillchgihe map o global energy flows. >> and no major plunge for the daxod. we on this report fmhe anurstk chgen at movintoy. >> to 0.7%, the gmastk de ltn e pvis week, so maybe it is already good ns tt d n inevitably plunged further on e rstrindaf is ek political issues like greec eisl ifn the united states, kpi iesrs xis darngeason is about to come to an e i gean so far, very few mag t suriitthr earnings and many doubt whetherheutok mi in will manage to change the trend. l'av aloser loo at some of the market numbers. thax ending justlitlup
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78. euroox0 down. theowonp a bit to 1235 theus adg a $1.2710. >> we seem to having se chnical dficulties. l's tn to some japanese stocks. they have taken de closing almost one o dn ony. the reason come a week gdp numbers showing the first contraction in three years. >> whltin gba command and weak consumer spending, a mild receson may be on its
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way or the world's third largest ecom >> last spring, in japan were pointing to an econoc covery, butn monday, the prime minister had bad news r an economy already showing signs of strain. "this morning and, of the july- september qe was released. gdpas -3.5% on an annualized basis. >> japan is fighting on several fronts. exports have fallen drastically. exports to china a suffering d because of the consumer boycott started by the nationalization of an island chain claimed by both tokyo and bein the strong yen is making exports more expensive and many want intervention by the bank of japan. t economy moves further, japan will be back in a
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technical recession, defined as two consecutive quarters of reacon >> returning now to the top story, in your top finance ministers meeting in brussels to discussegree to bailouts. we're joined now with more from our brussels correspondent. ys it taking so long or eu finance ministers to agree on releasing the next tranche of funds f greece? >> the terms of the deal have to be renegotiated. the troika as recommended more time to take up paying off the debt of some of the more time ans more money. now there are intense discussions going on among the people who will have to come up with that money and the proper ways that, unless the group comes up with a sustainable road
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map to talk about hate they will have financing in greece, the ecb is not willing to step in and help out with temporary mechanisms unless the ecb steps in, we all know that it looks really bad for greece this week. >> , having trouble with the draft agreement being discussed in brussels and including the idea that greece should be given an extra two years to meet debt reduction targets. how would the additional two years be financed? >> that's the big questions. there are lots of ideas. the imf, for instance, say it is just a hair cut. they're suggesting that a european lenders will just renounce all some of the debt payments and that european leaders are saying we cannot burden the taxpayer is any further. they're saying it's time to get created so we're probably looking at a mix of solutions,
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some kind of a debt restructuring and possibly the ecb paying out some of the interest. it's true that european finance ministers will have to get creative because we're not even sure how much money we're talking about. it could be an additional 33 billion euro until 2016. >> thank you very much. >> 9% of germans hold a radical right-wing political views. these are among the disturbing findings of a new study published by a left-lane and german think tank. clogs enough of it tendencies have risen dramatically in eastern germany over the past few years and the increase has been particularly strong among young people. >> racist attitudes are often the starting point for dissenting and more far right
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politics. the foundation report says one in 11 has an extreme right-wing view. in western germany, the percentage of right wing extremists has fallen to 7.3% over the past five or six years. in the east, that figure has more than doubled to 15.8%. >> we believe this phenomenon is most prominent in a server rural regions of eastern germany where people have a few prospects of the future. >> researchers say these areas can become a breeding ground for right-wing extremists to see themselves as employment is of the will of the people. >> democratic parties must prevent these from gradually infiltrating. they need to draw clear boundaries. in local politics, they should not deal with right wing extremists in the same way they deal with democratic parties. >> stay with us. we will be back to take oua look
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at events in egypt. >> dw in december. her beauty shrouded in a legend. nefertiti, the pharaoh's queen. her world and must boss was discovered 100 years ago. 100 years of nefertiti. the laboratory in the ice fields of the antarctic. the research station where scientists gather key data on global climate change and arctic adventures. painter, graphic artist, innovator.
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the greek artists of the renaissance. who was he? we look at him and his influence to this day. december on dw. all broadcast times online. >> welcome back. eu foreign finance ministers meeting to discuss the fighting in the sinai region. there have been a string of attacks in the area. >> senior secured officers said to be in critical condition after being shot over the weekend. it claimed the lives of three policemen on saturday. have grown bolder since the egyptian revolution and the attacks have been spilling over into neighboring israel. >> hundreds of tanks and heavy artillery demonstrating in northern sinai directly on the israeli border. the egyptian army looking on as it prepares for war.
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this is directed at militant islamists terrorizing the rump country. these are a testimony to the horror. dozens of police officers and soldiers have been executed here. the militants have left the church is in ruins and have spray-painted the message of the building, "allah akbar." >> there ruled the area here. they're working with a call qaeda and want total control of egypt. -- working with al qaeda. >> they come through the shady neighborhoods and they have arrested hundreds of suspects already. egypt's anti-terrorist units used to operate under former president mubarak and now have an ordered in buying morsi, a
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member of the muslim brotherhood. they are demanding the full force of sharia law. they want a truth theocracy without alcohol or christians. >> this government does not get anything right. we are not willing to cooperate until their release all of our brothers from jail. they should pardon those of us living out here in the desert. >> the sheikhs have agreed to talk to was. they say there will be no peace until the government starts meeting their demands. as we head back through the desert, we are escorted by heavily armed bedouins. there is not a single soldier in sight. they are free to come year. this is where the militant extremists have their training camps.
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he was sentenced to death for killing a police officer. >> we will kill ever won in sinai who was willing to work with the government and the army. -- we will kill everyone. >> unless they all get pardons. the president morsi a as to syria now where the more conflict is claiming more and more casualties. hospitals have taken a beating in the violence. >> there are setting up a revised clinics away from the troops and closer to the wounded. >> we bring in this report from inside. >> construction work is still under way at this hospital two weeks after they started treating lupus patients. the raids are schering money away from the hospitals which is why this assurgent sneaked out to the new clinic in rebel territory.
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>> at first it was easy to tended to the wounded l.a. elud city. it's impossible now. i could not pack up and leave. i know they need me. i see terrible wounds every day. >> nowadays, improvised connex are all that many syrian doctors have. an estimated two-thirds of the hospitals have been damaged in the conflict and many have shut their doors completely. medics from the clinic to drive out to treat the wounded in a private car. the doctors asked reporters not true. other locations. in not to reveal the location. they do not want a government air strike. this conflict has been a crash course in where madison. >> we were not used to these kinds of massive war wounds before. now, after more than a year-and-
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a-half in practice, we are experts in the field. >> the clinic is largely sponsored by one rebel businessman. more and more like a are cropping up in the north with no shortage of patients to treat. >> next week, germany will decide on their next steps in afghanistan according to the defense minister visiting the war-torn country. >> of germany has nearly 5000 troops stationed in afghanistan as part of the u.s.-led nato coalition. the plan is to pull them out with the next two years. people >> i came here on a direct flight from germany. ministers had always first stop and they would be flown in with a military plane. the minister says security it is at the top of the agenda. >> i would like to get an idea
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of how the afghans are taking over before security and gradually taking charge of themselves. >> and made no combat troops, including germany, are set to withdraw by the end of 2014. the minister says germany will continue to assist by training soldiers. >> the german defense minister says progress is being made in afghanistan. i asked our correspondent in kabul what he thinks. >> there is a lot of violence is still here. the generals say taliban attacks are down this year. if you ask the u.n., they will say the civilians are being killed and there still at or being traced. the highest levels they have been in the past decade. we have spent a lot of time training here and they're
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suffering very high casualties. a great number of people have had to left their homes to escape the violence. a lot of people would say that it is not safe. the reason the defense ministers are saying a thing like this, not only the defense german mustard, is because they have to define over the next few years how they want to withdraw their forces in what is an increasingly unpopular war. you have to decide by saying progress is being made. these are all off and more on the political situation more than the situation on the ground in afghanistan. >> these stories are making news around the world. the israel military has fired shots across the border into syria using a syrian artillery battery. the attack came after they attacked gollum heights.
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israel says they will respond severely to any further provocation. >> syrian fighter jets have bombed the rebel-held city close to the turkish border. as many as 16 have been killed. turkish ambulances carried wounded people to the hospital across the frontier and have shattered sharp windows in the turkish town. >> hannover beating stuttgart despite being two down at halftime, they rallied to score four goals in 16 minutes. a shocking upset. >> this will certainly be a comeback to remember. >> it was an less than corporatehannover side -- it was an ecstatic hannover.
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the home dominating the first half. they ensured they went into te half with a 2-0 lead. he pounced to make it 2-1. an opening shot that saw them net three times in eight minutes. they had a penalty for handball shortly after. he slammed the ball high-powe ad home. three minutes later, on hand to give hannover the lead. sinkingthe penalty for the 4-2 score line. >> music fans cast a record 184 million votes on a line to decide this year's european mtv
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music awards. >> it was a swift sweep of the board for taylor's with and justin bieber. -- taylor swift. taylor certainly put on a show. ♪ we are never, ever, ever, ever getting bacvk together ♪ >> the theme was the circus. she took home three awards. >> dankeschoen. i'm so excited. i cannot believe you gave me three awards tonight. >> 8000 fans watched the events in frankfurt where millions tune in at home. none of the awards as stated in germany but the host provided some homeland flair. ♪ no surprises in the award for
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best video going to the south korean internet sensation, psy. gangnam style was more than 670 million hits on youtube. ♪ hey, sexy lady oppa gangnam style ♪ >> that's it for now. things for watching. >> you can find more on our web site, see you soon.
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